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The same durable, tangle-free earbud... now with a Mic

You asked, we answered.

We received a number of similar emails over the past three years from you, our loyal Tweedz customers, and they all read the same...

"We love your durable, braided buds, but do you have one with a mic?"

We didn't. Now we do.

It's the same durable, tangle-free earbud you've come to expect from Tweedz; we've just added a microphone with a shortcut key.

It works with Apple iPhone (iOS) along with a range of Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S & Galaxy Note, Google Pixel, LG, Moto, and others. 

Available starting this week...


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Tone It Up includes Tweedz headphones as "must-have fitness gear" in their gym bag

Tone It Up

Karena Dawn of Tone It Up is a fitness guru. Along with her co-founder, Katrina Scott, they're helping folks get fit, one post at a time. With over 500k Instagram followers, they've built a reputation for solid workout routines and practical nutrition tips.

This week Karena and Katrina were featured on Yahoo! Health's "What's In My Gym Bag" column, and our blue Tweedz headphones were included as some of Karena's "must-have fitness gear", saying "Every girl’s gotta have tunes when hitting a solid workout. I never leave home without one (or two!) pairs of headphones in my bag or purse."

Agreed. Earbuds are a workout essential.

 You can follow Tone it Up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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Tweedz loves fashion blogger love!

Fashion blogs don't always post about tech accessories like headphones, so we always like to give a shout out to the fashionistas who do!

Giving @readytwowear fashion bloggers Whitney and Mallory a special thank you for showing off some Tweedz braided buds on their Instagram...

New @tweedzheadphones are now the prettiest thing on Mal's desk ? #flatlay

A photo posted by Whitney and Mallory (@readytwowear) on

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Check out Tweedz on YouTube


We recently posted our first Tweedz YouTube video to show off some of the braided wire benefits of our earbuds in full HD video. Inspirado - inspired by vintage guitar cables. Likes and comments are encouraged. More to come...


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7 Things to Look For when shopping for the Best Headphones under $50-$25

There was a time when the home entertainment system ruled the way we experience media, with monstrous subwoofers and towers, surround systems, and tangles of AV and coaxial cables. But today, the whole world lives in our pockets, and we pipe it all in through our ears.

With 91 percent of Americans owning cell phones and 55 percent owning smartphones, it’s clear that mobile devices dominate how we experience information and entertainment, whether that’s music, news, video, audiobooks or podcasts. So how you get that audio to your ears has never been a more important decision, making a real impact on how your enjoyment, your peace of mind, your comfort and even appearance. And yet, in contrast to most personal electronics, many people struggle to grasp just what makes a good set of headphones. So often, consumers just chug along with their default pair, or worse, churn through crappy replacements as they get mangled or just never sound quite right.

For me, finding the right set of headphones has been an ongoing saga, often confusing and disappointing. But it doesn't have to be that way. I've compiled everything I've learned in my combined years of near-constant headphone use, and tireless research on what makes a good set of headphones. The good news is, there are a lot of options out there, and you don’t have to drop a fortune to get a high-quality pair. Read all 7 tips after the break...


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