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7 Reasons You Should Consider Ditching Your Free Smartphone Earbuds

Your Ears Will Thank You...


Durable Headphones

Longer lasting, durable braided wire

Tweedz are machine braided with 100% tough nylon fabric. It's the same material musicians use for their instrument cables to withstand the wear and tear of touring. Strong but flexible. Built to stand up to your next adventure.

Earbuds for any size ears - Small, Medium, Large

Snug as a bug

You wouldn't buy one size fits all shoes. So why do you settle for one size fits all earbuds? They're uncomfortable. They fall out. They're no bueno. That's why Tweedz come with three sizes of soft silicon earbuds that comfortable contour to almost any ear shape or size. They also block out noise, so you hear more of the music and less of everything else.

Tangle free = worry free

Tangled wires are a hassle. And our "braided nylon wires resist tangles" (Real Simple) - so you can spend more time listening and less time untangling.

Amazing Sound Quality

A symphony in your ears

Durable & tangle free doesn't matter if the music doesn't sound amazing.  Tweedz were designed to provide a balanced, full spectrum frequency response which means they sound great across your entire record collection – from hip hop to pop, soul to salsa, folk to funk, & indie rock to EDM.

Colorful Earbuds

As colorful as you

Your music is reflection of you. It shapes your life, your mood, and your style. We thought your earbuds should reflect you we offer 10 colors. No more boring 'buds. And they're easy to find in your gym or travel bag too. A different color for every family member. Which are you?


Free shipping

The convenience of shopping online without the added cost. Shipping is "Free 99" - our favorite price. Nice.

One Year No Hassle Warranty

Tweedz are built to last, and we stand behind our product quality. If for any reason you have issues with your earbuds during the first year after purchase, you can return them for a new pair.

By now you're probably starting to see how Tweedz will up your earbud game, but don't just take our word for it...

Brand Testimonials

"Beautiful yet durable"
Tech Picks
"Sturdy pair of headphones"
"Not only less likely to tangle but also more durable"
Grind TV
"Made to last"
Headphones Compared
"Braided nylon wires that resist tangles"
"The tweed also helps to minimize tangling, which actually works to an impressive extent"
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