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Tangle-Free Earbuds

How a little braiding and a rubber runner can help keep your earbuds tangle-free

"Braided nylon wires that resist tangles." ~ RealSimple
"The tweed also helps to minimize tangling, which actually works to an impressive extent." ~ Pitchfork

Tangled headphones are the WORST. There's nothing more frustrating than looking into your backpack to find a tangled mess. It's a buzzkill. If only there a way to prevent this nonsense - to go tangle-free...

It's Science

It's true - there really is science behind how headphones get tangled.  In "The Spontaneous Knotting of an Agitated String", Dorian Raymer and Douglas Smith of the University of California at San Diego Department of Physics suggest the probability of a tangle is directly correlated to wire length. Essentially, this means that the longer the wire, the higher likelihood of knotting when tumbled and "agitated" - kind of like how headphones get tangled when tossed around in a bag.

This is the root cause of The Great Tangled Headphones Epidemic. Our headphone infographic below details the plight of many a poor music lover.



That's Where the Braided Wire Comes In

Tweedz were designed specifically to cut down on wire tangles. Even though we offer a long wire so your music device can conveniently fit in your pocket while listening, there are a few elements that help your earbuds from knotting up in your pocket.

  • Braided Wire - The braided wire wrapping is key. It helps tame the flex and energy of the wire, so that the "agitation" of the cord is significantly reduced.
  • Rubber Runner - Our connector has a special rubber runner that before storing in your bag, purse, or pocket you can pull up to the base of your earbuds so that it eliminates the flapping around of individual earbuds.
  • Sturdy Wire - The wire we use is a little sturdier than some of the unweildy wires on some headphones. It hangs comfortably and naturally when listening to music, but you can wrap the wire around your fingers before placing in your bag or pocket, and the wire will hold its form to minimize the tumbling of the wire.

And From There, Just Follow This Simple Tip For Fewer Tangles

Step #1:  Pull up the rubber runner to the base of your earbuds...

Knot Free Headphone Tip


 Step #2:  Wrap the braided wire around your middle fingers...

Knot Free Headphone Tip

 Step #3:  There is no Step #3.

Tweedz Braided Headphones


That's it. Keeping your durable Tweedz earbuds untangled is that easy.

Happy listening!