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In Ear Headphones - 5 Advantages Over Other Types of Earphones

Trying to figure out the why type of headphones will be best for you?

At Tweedz, we're partial to in ear headphones...for obvious reasons. But we'll try to give you an objective view depending on what you're looking for.

Generally speaking, there are three types of headphones:

  1. In ear headphones.  The earbud sits within the ear canal - for that reason, they are sometimes referred to as earbuds.
    In Ear Earbuds

  2. On ear headphones.  These rest on the listener's ear and provide a bit of a blend between the portability of earbuds & the larger speaker drivers.
    On Ear Headphones
  3. Over the ear headphones.  Sometimes called "cans", these are the largest type of headphones that are typically padded and fit fully over your ear.
    Over Ear Headphones


While each style has clear pros & cons (to the point that many music lovers have different types for different situations), here are 5 clear advantages to In Ear Earbuds:

  1. Portable.  Simply put - what other types of earphones can easily fit in your pocket? Buds are the best when you want to take your music on the go.

  2. Lightweight.  Let's face it, going for a run with Over The Ear Headphones is a non-starter. In ear buds are lightweight and perfect for exercise of any type.

  3. Comfortable.  On ear headphones can be flat out uncomfortable for long listening periods. Tweedz includes three sizes of silicon tips in-box with out In Ear models so that they're not only super comfortable, you can find the perfect fit for any ear size. 

  4. Natural Noise Isolation.  While there are a number of noise cancelling & noise reducing headphones out there, the good ones are expensive. Fortunately, with the snug fit of Tweedz's silicon ear tips, you get natural noise isolation so you can hear more of what you want and less of what you don't.  

  5. The right price.  While not a hard & fast rule, generally the larger the headphones, the bigger the price tag.


Hope that gives you a view of some of the great benefits of in ear headphones.


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