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6 secrets behind why Tweedz were named one of "The Top 20 Most Durable Earbuds in 2020" 


"Sturdy pair of headphones"  ~ RealSimple
"Tweedz headphone wires are not only less likely to tangle but also more durable" ~ Grind.TV
"Made to last" & "Top 20 Most Durable Earbuds in 2020"   ~
"Beautiful yet durable headphones"   ~ TechPicks

Durable Earbuds


Making a more durable earbud is one of the key missions of Tweedz.

Tweedz Braided Headphones was co-founded by an indie musician and a world traveller, so we know the pain of having gear that wasn't built to last.

We've seen our share of wires worn to shreds, so we wanted to make some reliable earbuds that could withstand a little more wear and tear, and that's why Tweedz were born.

We wanted to make earbuds that could stand up to more than just day to day wear and tear.

We wanted to make earbuds that could stand up to a little adventure - whether it's hiking, biking, cross country bus trips, or a day of flights with too many layovers.

Here are 6 ways Tweedz designed some of the most durable earbuds out there:


1. Braided Wire

The braided wires are inspired by same the instrument cables that many touring musicians use. It serves as a protective cover over the wire. 

Musicians are road warriors. They go from gig to gig and have to expect the unexpected. Bus problems, inclement weather, you name it. 

That's why a lot of musicians at least take comfort in reducing the variables of what can go wrong by investing in the best gear. The best guitars, the best microphones, the best instrument cables.

Our philosophy - if braided wire does the trick for touring musicians, it'll do the trick for Tweedz.


2. Nylon Fabric Braid

The cloth wrapping is 100% braided nylon (a heavy duty fabric known for its durability), so they're tough when they need to be but flexible enough to easily roll up into your pocket (check out our tangle free tip).

How is nylon so strong?

According to ExplainThatStuff!, "Nylon is a polymer—a plastic with super-long, heavy molecules built up of short, endlessly repeating sections of atoms, just like a heavy metal chain is made of ever-repeating links."

Strong Blue Nylon Material

All kinds of products rely on nylon to give them superpower strength. Aside from clothes, nylon is often found in various machine parts and cookware, including spatulas, tongs, and forks.

Perhaps most telling, many parachutes are made of nylon!

People actually trust their life floating through the air buoyed by this fantastic fabric.

So - translation - it's both strong and flexible, and that's why we made it integral to the design of Tweedz. Some customers have even speculated this helps our headphones to be chew proof with their pets!


3. Long Cord

Short cord = lots of tugging on your device.

That tugging isn't only annoying; it also puts pressure on your earbuds over time.

Tweedz were designed with a long cord so that you can comfortably keep your device in your pocket or purse without a constant tug on your ears (or on your earbuds).


4. Strain Relief

Did you know that those black rubber pieces coming out of Tweedz earbuds aren't just about style?

Sure, they look cool, but they actually serve a major functional purpose.

It's called "strain relief".

As defined by Technopedia, "A strain relief is a standard fixture for electrical cables that functions as a feature for relieving the stress from the cable connections themselves to prevent them from breaking."

It's a simple design principle that we've applied to Tweedz to similarly relieve stress from the earbud connection. Just another way to stand up to daily wear.


5. Don't take our word for it - others agree

Our goal is to make a stronger, longer lasting, more durable headphone because we were tired of earbuds that broke too easily.

The work has paid off so far...Tweedz were named one of "The Most Durable Earbuds in 2018" and again in 2020 by 

We've also been mentioned in RealSimple, TechPicks, and Grind.TV to name a few others.


6. One Year Warranty Guarantee

We're receiving a lot of great reviews for our sturdy build, but if you do happen to have problems, we stand strongly by our product quality with a one year warranty.

It's a no questions asked policy.

You simply have to return your damaged unit within the covered time period, and we'll provide a replacement unit. We can't guarantee you'll never have an issue, but we can guarantee that you're covered for a full year.

And at our price point, it's a no brainer - durable headphones for under $50.

Happy listening!