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Introducing our first wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Introducing our first Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

Since 2013, Tweedz has been on a mission to build a more durable, affordable headphone.

Our new wireless model is built for an active lifestyle.

Perfect for runners, hikers, and travelers. With earhooks for stability and a lanyard that's machine braided with 100% tough nylon fabric to rest your buds around your neck when not in use. It's the same material musicians use for their instrument cables to withstand the wear and tear of touring. Strong but flexible. Built to serve up the soundtrack to your next adventure.

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9 Ways Tweedz Made the Perfect Earbuds for Travelers

Travel tangle-free...

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The same durable, tangle-free earbud... now with a Mic

braided earbuds with mic durable headphones stylish headphones

You asked, we answered.

We received a number of similar emails over the past three years from you, our loyal Tweedz customers, and they all read the same...

"We love your durable, braided buds, but do you have one with a mic?"

We didn't. Now we do.

It's the same durable, tangle-free earbud you've come to expect from Tweedz; we've just added a microphone with a shortcut key.

It works with Apple iPhone (iOS) along with a range of Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S & Galaxy Note, Google Pixel, LG, Moto, and others. 

Available starting this week...


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Get your Summer 2017 Travel Packing List Right Here!

Summer Trip Packing Checklist

Summer is finally here!

The beach, the lake, the mountains - whatever your getaway is, there's no better time to visit than the summertime.

As much as we love travel, packing is a real drag.

It adds anxiety to what should really just be anticipation. 

And no matter what, we always forget something!

That's why we created a Summer Vacation Packing List. So we could focus on the fun parts of travel and not the annoying parts. It's an easy to follow checklist of 61 things you don't want to forget on your next vacation.

Just follow the link and download today!


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Good Travel Headphones Are A Must

Passion for music. Passion for travel.

That was our mission statement from Day 1. Because travel is a hassle, but your music will get you there.

Travel is a hassle.
Lost bags, delays, tangles, & spills.
But your music will get you there.
Because it always does.
And it's worth it.
Because then you get there.
Travel Tangle Free


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