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Summer Vacation Packing List

Have a big summer vacay coming up? Using our summer vacation packing list can make your prep a little more stress-free.

Summer Vacation Packing List

Vacations are amazing, but travel can be a hassle.

Summer vacations in particular…you looked into summer hot spots and have been looking forward to that beach vacation to unplug for months, so you want to make sure everything comes together perfectly.

Yup, travel can be stressful - delays, lost bags, spills.

Can we just be at the beach at already?!

The easiest way to reduce some of the stress that comes with travel is to plan ahead. But not all of us are planners, so packing feels rushed when we wait until the last minute. And we just cross our fingers that we remembered everything.

That’s why we created a Summer Vacation Packing List.

The research shows that checklists work to get things done without out missing something. So we created a simple checklist of 61 necessities that you don'w want to leave behind on your next trip.

And even better - it’s FREE for you to download, print, and use for your next vacation.

Summer Travel Packing List

The goal of the packing list is to make sure you don’t get away from home without those essential items that’ll give you the peace of mind to fully enjoy that well earned vacation.

Flight with no reading material? Ugh.

Beach with no book? No thanks!

No phone charger? No bueno.

Our packing list is broken into four key areas to make packing easy…

  • Wardrobe - It’s the stuff that’s so obvious but you always seem to forget. Be honest - how many times have you forgotten to pack socks?
  • Entertainment - Tunes, movies, reading material, & more. Everything you need to make sure you can space out during the flight.
  • Bath - Because you never know what you’re gonna get when you get to the vacation rental. This section will make sure you’ve got what you need to be crisp, clean & smelling good.
  • Essentials - A section dedicated to those things you always forget. Sun glasses, beach blankets, cookies, & more. So you can use those extra dollars on a souvenir t-shirt instead of replacing the things you left back at home.


Download our Summer Vacation Packing List today.

It certainly won’t help prevent your flight from getting delayed, but it will help make sure you spend your vacation enjoying the sunshine instead of shopping for sun glasses & sun screen.