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Earbuds with a Long Cord = Less Tug

Tired of the tug? Looking for earbuds with a long cord? Look no further.
130cm. That's the length of the cable we use on our headphones.
And longer wire = less tug.
It's a little longer than what many of our competitors use. A lot of other earbuds use cords that are around 110cm. But a little extra length goes a long way.
It means no tugging from your pocket, purse, or backpack...
And a little more freedom to move freely when you're running, walking, snowboarding, or just on the go.
While longer cords can sometimes lead to tangles (see the science behind tangled headphones in our infographic), our braided wire helps reduce tangles, so that you don't have to worry about that.
And you can always use our tip for reducing tangled headphones while travelling - all it takes is three fingers and a pair of Tweedz.
A little length goes a long way.

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