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New earbuds in stock!! Which are you? Black or Blue?

Black & Blue Earbuds
Which are you? Black or Blue?
We're happy to announce two new colors to our line of braided headphones - Black earbuds with braided Red accents, and Blue earbuds with Black and White accents.
Can't decide between Black or Blue? Get both! You can use the following coupon code through the end of the year to get 15% off a pair of our new buds: BLKBLU15 (valid through Jan 1).
Make your New Year tangle free with some new buds!

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  • Tweedz on

    Hey Aamir! Though we have recently expanded our distribution to offer our braided headphones in the UK, we unfortunately don’t have availability in India yet. Great to know there is interest half way across the world!

  • Aamir on

    Where are these headphones avail in INDIA PLZ REPLY SOON

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