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The same durable, tangle-free earbud... now with a Mic

braided earbuds with mic durable headphones stylish headphones

You asked, we answered.

We received a number of similar emails over the past three years from you, our loyal Tweedz customers, and they all read the same...

"We love your durable, braided buds, but do you have one with a mic?"

We didn't. Now we do.

It's the same durable, tangle-free earbud you've come to expect from Tweedz; we've just added a microphone with a shortcut key.

It works with Apple iPhone (iOS) along with a range of Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S & Galaxy Note, Google Pixel, LG, Moto, and others. 

Available starting this week...


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Goal Setting Time - The Most Durable Headphones of 2016

durable headphones tangle free headphones

Whether you're into running, lifting, drumming, or playing guitar, January is goal setting time. It's that time of year to take stock on what's ahead.

There's a ton of research out there on why you should write down your goals (the cliff notes version is that you're more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down), so we're writing down ours. We want to be known as The Most Durable Headphones of 2016.

Last year, Tweedz made the cut for a respected most durable earbuds list, so this year our goal is to make the list for at least five "best of" lists.

We think we've got what it takes. "A Sturdy Pair of Headphones" according to Real Simple courtesy of our nylon fabric wrapped cords. And don't forget about that one year warranty if they do happen to get damaged. All for under $50. That's list worthy.

What's your goal for the year?

most durable earbuds

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KTLA picks Tweedz Headphones as an affordable stocking stuffer for their Tech Gift Guide

durable headphones gifts for music lovers tech gift guides

We've always thought Tweedz were a great stocking stuffer - earbuds made to last that are tough on tangles for only $35 - we're a little biased, but what's not to love?

KTLA Channel 5 in Southern California recently broadcast their 2015 Tech Gift Guide to help find the perfect Holiday present for your techie friends and family, and Tweedz were on the list. "Break free from boring earbuds with Tweedz," says KTLA anchor, Rich DeMuro. "Their cables are longer than most, sturdy, and braided, so they don't tangle as much. Plus, Tweedz come in different colors, so you can show off your personality".

Watch the video for the full list of tech stocking stuffers at the link below and follow Rich from KTLA on Twitter.


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New headphone colors are here - Neons, Golds, and Grey. Which are you?

black headphones braided headphone cable durable headphones gold headphones neon headphones tangle free headphones

Neon, Gold, & Grey Headphones 

We're excited to announce that five new colors of our travel friendly durable braided headphones are available for order starting today! If you like golds and/or neons, these are going to be the earbuds for you.

You can now enjoy tangle-free listening in the following colors:

Oh, and that's not it. Our pink earbuds are back in stock.

Which are you?

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The Most Durable Earbuds in 2015

durable headphones green headphones travel headphones

Durable Earbuds
We're proud to be mentioned as one of the most "The Most Durable Earbuds in 2015" by!
They've done a great write-up on our Green earbuds, concluding "this kind of earphones complements the mobile way of living some individuals embrace. Most importantly, it has also been made to last."
With the 100% nylon braiding inspired by touring musician instrument cables, durability is a key focus of ours at Tweedz - glad we're getting recognized! 

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