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Tone It Up includes Tweedz headphones as "must-have fitness gear" in their gym bag

Tone It Up

Karena Dawn of Tone It Up is a fitness guru. Along with her co-founder, Katrina Scott, they're helping folks get fit, one post at a time. With over 500k Instagram followers, they've built a reputation for solid workout routines and practical nutrition tips.

This week Karena and Katrina were featured on Yahoo! Health's "What's In My Gym Bag" column, and our blue Tweedz headphones were included as some of Karena's "must-have fitness gear", saying "Every girl’s gotta have tunes when hitting a solid workout. I never leave home without one (or two!) pairs of headphones in my bag or purse."

Agreed. Earbuds are a workout essential.

 You can follow Tone it Up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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