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Tips for tangle free headphones while travelling

Tired of your headphones getting tangled when you put them in your bag or pocket? So were we.

While there's no such thing as "tangle free" headphones, Tweedz are purposefully designed to be able to minimize random, frustrating tangles without the need for an additional case or accessory. There are two key elements to the design:

  1. Braided nylon wrapped wire that cuts down on the tangential force of a more flexible rubber wrap. In English, this means that there's a little less of the "twist" left to right flex of a rubber coated wire, which helps with one element of tangles.
  2. Semi-stiff wire that cuts down on the unpredictable length-wise movement of the wire, another key contributor to tangles. The key benefit being that it lies loose and free when wearing, but can hold its shape well when wrapped.


Tangle Free Headphones


Quick Tip:  Tightly wrap your Tweedz around your index, middle, and ring finger before putting them in your bag or pocket. Because of the semi-stiff wire, they'll hold their shape, reducing the chance of tangles. No need to carry around a bulky headphone wrapper accessory.

Read more about how to rid yourself of tangles in our headphones infographic.

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