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Tweedz Founder Reed Wotiz Interviewed on CEO Blog Nation

Tweedz founder Reed Wotiz talks to CEO Blog Nation about why he loves his job. Read the full article here.


The rush of taking an idea from concept to creation to consumer response

For Reed Wotiz, business is a lot like art. It starts with inspiration. For example, with our Tweedz Braided Headphones, we found inspiration in the design elements of vintage guitar cables. Next comes the creative process. We set out to make a product that we love and are excited to use, driven by our own design aesthetic, not market research. With Tweedz, that meant spending countless hours pouring over Pantone colors and reviewing braiding patterns to finalize the perfect product design. Finally, then comes the day of reckoning. For an artist, it’s a gallery showing or an album release, for us it’s a new product launch. Seeing people respond positively to the new product is exhilarating, and even just one positive online review gives you a rush for days and makes the whole process worthwhile.


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