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Tweedz might be "chew proof" earbuds (Customer Review)

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At Tweedz we truly appreciate our customer reviews on Amazon. The good ones make our day and reinforce our mission to create great stylish and affordable earbuds. The bad ones, which are fortunately few and far between, inspire us to do better and continue to improve our product and service.
And then there are the ones that truly stand out...
We already knew our braided wire helped reduce tangles and are super durable, but now we're learning that it might be chinchilla proof too (though we're not yet ready to make this claim as part of our product warranty). We stumbled across the following Amazon review of our red headphones and had to share.
"My chinchilla chewed the last three pairs of earbuds I had, but so far has left these ones alone (knock-on-wood). I think it's the material the wires are wrapped in -- strong stuff -- not like the flimsy plastic wires."
Chew Proof Headphones

  Since posting, we've had other customers tell us that their cats and dogs have been staying away from their Tweedz too - apparently the braided wire just doesn't have the same chewing interest for their pets as a rubber wire. Who knew? Are Tweedz chew proof? Let us know your story in the comments.
Update #2:  We have had one unfortunate pair of Tweedz reportedly fall victim to the unrelenting bite of a house cat. Despite the numerous positive reviews, we suggest you take the normal precautions of any small household items around pets and keep your Tweedz out of harms way. Either way, remember that Tweedz come with a one year warranty, so you're covered!

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