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Inspired by vintage guitar cables

We were playing guitar long before we created Tweedz. There's something to the vintage tone you can get with the right combination of classic electric guitar and amp that is like no other. You can feel it in your bones. Our weapons of choice was an Epiphone Sheraton and a Fender DeVille.

Some point along the line, we started buying braided guitar cables. Mainly because they looked cool. Almost modern & vintage at the same time. And with all the wear and tear guitar cables get from setting up and tearing down at practice and gigs, we quickly came to find out that they had the side benefits of being super durable and resisted tangles.

Around that same time, we had blown through a couple pairs of not so cheap rubber wire earbuds, and that was the aha moment...that's when Tweedz were born. Braided, long headphone cable. Done.

Passion for guitar is where it all started - we're proud to be inspired by vintage guitar cables.


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