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3 things not to miss in Oaxaca, Mexico

3 things not to miss in Oaxaca, Mexico

At Tweedz, we love to explore new places. Sights, Sounds, & Salivation: A Travel Guide for Music Lovers, is our '3 things not to miss...' travel series that focuses on providing a few tips from our travels - exploring one essential sight, one sound (usually music oriented), and one salivation worthy restaurant or culinary experience from a city worth checking out. If you only have 24 hours, be sure to fit these stops into your trip. This stop...OAXACA!

Oaxaca is a mountain town tucked away in Southern Mexico. Known for their food, art, and, local craftsmen, Oaxaca is a special place where you can experience the amazing culture without feeling like you're in a town full of tourists.



You could get lost for days in the central Oaxacan market - Mercado Benito Juárez. It’s a mix of tourists looking for cheap, unique souvenirs and local Oaxacans shopping for anything from clothes to groceries. It seems like they have every type of shop there, and many of them are dedicated to a specialty - spices, Mexican dresses, leather goods, vegetables, sweets, cowboy hats, woven bags, and even one butcher that seems to sell every potential part of a cow. You can go in not looking for anything in particular and leave with bags of things that were too unique (and too affordable) to pass up.


El Zócalo is the main square in town. Go there on a Saturday night, and you won’t be disappointed. The square is buzzing with activity - the cafés are packed, groups of students are meeting up for a weekend night out, and street vendors are selling local trinkets while competing mariachi bands are seeing who can play louder to get the attention of the moving crowds. If you like food, music, and people watching, you’ll spend hours here.


Casa Oaxaca might be the best restaurant in town, which is a big statement in a town where every restaurant you try seems better than the next. The homemade tortillas are unbelievable - you can even see them being made on a traditional clay pot. Case Oaxaca has an amazing range of dishes, but a few don’t miss dishes are the guacamole (where they hand mix it to your taste right in front of you), the ceviche, and the enchiladas. Order up one of the fruity Mescal cocktails, and you’ll 

For breakfast, try Pan:AM. The huevos rancheros divorciado style (where they have a plate split with half red salsa and half green salsa) are where it’s at. Nuff said.

You also need to try some of the famous Oaxacan coffee and chocolate. A good place to kill two birds with one stone is Lavoe. The coffee is light with an almost light cinnamon flavor, and the chocolate is crispy and sugary sweet.

Huevos Racheros Divorciados at Pan:AM in Oaxaca

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