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What to look for in durable headphones? Braided wire.

As a music lover, you use your earbuds everyday.

So you know that your headphones need to be able to handle the wear and tear of daily use.

Whether it's during exercising, studying, while travelling, or just at home relaxing - your earbuds get faced with a lot - sweat...pets...pockets...tugs...the get the idea.

Plastic headphone wire can wear down and get stripped over time.

That's why the core element of Tweedz's design is our unique braided headphone cable. It's simply more durable.

We use 100% nylon to wrap our wire, similar to the material you see on professional climbing ropes and touring musician instrument cables. The fabric braiding protects the wire from force and friction to help keep up with your busy life - tunes intact.

So if you're tired of seeing your plastic headphone cords wear down too quickly, give Tweedz a try.

Update:  Tweedz was recently named one of "The Most Durable Earbuds of 2015"! We're glad that people are noticing the durability benefits of nylon braided headphone cords- it's tough stuff.

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    Headphone impedance changes with frequency. If the output impedance is much above zero this means the voltage delivered to the headphones will also change with frequency. The greater the output impedance, the greater the frequency response deviations. Different headphones will interact in different, and typically unpredictable, ways with the source. Sometimes these variations can be large and plainly audible.

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