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Why is the UHQ Upscaler greyed out on my Galaxy S?

If you've reached this page, you've seen it:
You're in your Galaxy sound settings looking to get your tunes sounding just perfect on your new pair of Tweedz, and there it is. UHQ Upscaler...greyed out.
As a follow-up to our 5 Tips for getting better sound out of your Samsung Galaxy S or Note article, we got a lot of questions from our Tweedz owners on why the UHQ Upscaler option was greyed out on their Galaxy S devices (including S6, S7, S8, S9, & S10).
You've seen it, we've seen it. So, what's going on?
The answer is surprisingly simple.
Drum roll...

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That's right the UHQ Upscaler is a headphones only feature. That's it. Meaning that you need headphones plugged in to take advantage of the feature.
Obviously, the impact of UHQ will be more obvious on a solid pair of Tweedz headphones (see 7 reasons why you should consider ditching your free inbox headphones).
Now that you've got it turned on, you might be wondering:
What exactly does the UHQ Upscaler do? Great question.
Give us a like if this helped! And check out our list of earbuds compatible with Galaxy devices.

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  • Kevin on

    Plug in your headphones, look at sound settings, all toggles turned on.

    Now unplug headphones and watch all toggles grey out.

    With my wireless earbuds, no UHQ, just surround and tune amp pro toggles on, turn off buds and toggles grey out.

    Hope this helps you all, must be WIRED to get UHQ.

    Enough said.

  • GoogleUser on

    I use wireless headphones (Shadow). Shouldn’t this feature work for me???!

  • Lisa Deutschman on

    Hey, ABC & All – So let me get this straight re. enabling the UHQ Upscaler feature on my Galaxy S7: this feature only functions/ is enabled when using wired headphones, yes? I have Beats Studio wireless Bluetooth and the UHQ Upscaler remains disabled /grey’ed out. Do I understand this correctly? This is not exactly a world-shattering issue, since I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford this phone and high-quality headphones, but I appreciate the help. Thanks much, a great forum!

  • Mej christian on

    I have a question. Why does the other headset wont work on my samsung s7 edge. I already try different headsets but still it won’t work. Do i need the original headset that comes from the box. Hope for your response. Thankyou

  • ABC on

    It’s also important to remember that the headphones need to be wired. Right now I’m using Bluetooth on my headphones and the Upscale is not available. Of course, wireless headphones are awesome, but there are times when it’s best to keep those babies plugged in. This is true especially with VR technology, as I’ve learned that audio can only work properly with wired headphones. With wireless, there is at minimum a delay. But in many cases the sound is either distorted, or doesn’t work at all.

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