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Why is the UHQ Upscaler greyed out on my Galaxy S?

If you've reached this page, you've seen it:
You're in your Galaxy sound settings looking to get your tunes sounding just perfect on your new pair of Tweedz, and there it is. UHQ Upscaler...greyed out.
As a follow-up to our 5 Tips for getting better sound out of your Samsung Galaxy S or Note article, we got a lot of questions from our Tweedz owners on why the UHQ Upscaler option was greyed out on their Galaxy S devices (including S6, S7, S8, S9, & S10).
You've seen it, we've seen it. So, what's going on?
The answer is surprisingly simple.
Drum roll...

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That's right the UHQ Upscaler is a headphones only feature. That's it. Meaning that you need headphones plugged in to take advantage of the feature.
Obviously, the impact of UHQ will be more obvious on a solid pair of Tweedz headphones (see 7 reasons why you should consider ditching your free inbox headphones).
Now that you've got it turned on, you might be wondering:
What exactly does the UHQ Upscaler do? Great question.
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  • Mon on

    That is the problem, even with my Level headset turned on it is still grey..hope you can help.

  • Tweedz on

    You’re in luck – both the A7 and the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge have UHQ upscaler support.

  • Level Pro on

    I have a Samsung Level U Pro headphones and one question – is there any other Galaxy smartphone (than S6, Note 5 or new S7 family) which have that UHQ Upscaler option? A3, A5 or A7 (new version – 2016) maybe? If some of you know it (from experience) – please answer me. Thank you in advance!

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