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How to make earbuds last longer. The quest that started Tweedz.

Braided Headphones & Guitar

We were frustrated. 

Three pairs of earbuds torn up, and the year wasn't even over yet. One fell victim to a weight lifting indecent, another from too much tossing and turning in a backpack, and one more to a mischievous cat

Each reason was completely different, but it always seemed like the cheap rubber wires were to blame. 

The frustration was building -  was there a way to make earbuds last longer?

As an active guitar player, it seemed like the braided cables we used on stage at gigs stood up to a beating in a way that the average rubber wire couldn't. And that's when the idea of Tweedz was born. Apply the same braiding from vintage guitar cables to headphone wires. 

So, how do you make earbuds last longer? It starts with braiding the wire with durable 100% nylon to give the wire an extra layer of protection. The added protection helps the cords stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Seems simple in hindsight.

Happy listening.

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