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Looking for earbuds for small ears? Look no further.


Comfortable earbuds for small, medium, and large ears

"Small, Medium, or Large?" Kind of like ordering french fries, right?

But in this case, you get all three.

Have trouble getting standard earbuds to stay in your ears? No problem. Tweedz come with three comfortable, silicon bud sizes to fit perfectly with any ear. 

Earbuds shouldn't be a one size fits all approach because everyone's ears are different. Small work well for teenagers and those with smaller ear canals. Medium provides a standard fit for average adults. And there's even a Large for Superheros.

Our earpiece silicon is soft to the touch and firm yet flexible. That means it forms to your ear while still keeping a snug fit that provides noise isolation so you can hear more of the music and less of everything else.

Again, all three sizes come in every Tweedz package.

Happy listening!

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