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Feeling irie with our Green Earbuds

Green means go.

A throwback today to one of our original three colors - Green. Yellow & Black accents inspired by Jamaica. A classic rasta combination of colors. Feeling irie.

One mighty fine pair of earbuds... 

Green Tweedz. #headphonesinworldout #green #earbuds #music #musicislife #headphones

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Pocket Essentials for Musicians

If you're a musician, there's certain things you always need to be carrying to make your day easier. Pocket essentials, if you will.

Guitar picks - check.
Notepad & pen - check.
Tweedz earbuds - check.


And that's just the start of it...


Pocket essentials for musicians. ✌️🎶 #musicianlife #musician #everydaycarry #guitarpick #notebook #pen #tweedz #earbuds

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Color Coding Your Kids with Tweedz. A brilliant way to organize your kids' lives.

"Those are my headphones!" - Garrett

"No! They're MY headphones!" - Ruby

We wanted to share an interesting story from one of our customers who's a hard working mom with five kids. She said she loves Tweedz for something more simple than being durable or tangle-free or that the different ear bud sizes fit her different aged's because they come in so many colors!

She has a color coding system to organize her kids so each knows who's things are who's. So Tweedz are perfect because each child can get their own unique color so they're a little more organized and there's no more fighting about who's headphones they really are. Brilliant!

Just a little trick to make her life as a hard working mom a little bit easier. And it's not just with headphones, it's with everything.

So Garrett gets Green. Ruby gets Red. Problem solved.

Sometimes (well, oftentimes) our customers are more creative than we are.


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How to make earbuds last longer. The quest that started Tweedz.

Braided Headphones & Guitar

We were frustrated. 

Three pairs of earbuds torn up, and the year wasn't even over yet. One fell victim to a weight lifting indecent, another from too much tossing and turning in a backpack, and one more to a mischievous cat

Each reason was completely different, but it always seemed like the cheap rubber wires were to blame. 

The frustration was building -  was there a way to make earbuds last longer?

As an active guitar player, it seemed like the braided cables we used on stage at gigs stood up to a beating in a way that the average rubber wire couldn't. And that's when the idea of Tweedz was born. Apply the same braiding from vintage guitar cables to headphone wires. 

So, how do you make earbuds last longer? It starts with braiding the wire with durable 100% nylon to give the wire an extra layer of protection. The added protection helps the cords stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Seems simple in hindsight.

Happy listening.

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Looking for earbuds for small ears? Look no further.


Comfortable earbuds for small, medium, and large ears

"Small, Medium, or Large?" Kind of like ordering french fries, right?

But in this case, you get all three.

Have trouble getting standard earbuds to stay in your ears? No problem. Tweedz come with three comfortable, silicon bud sizes to fit perfectly with any ear. 

Earbuds shouldn't be a one size fits all approach because everyone's ears are different. Small work well for teenagers and those with smaller ear canals. Medium provides a standard fit for average adults. And there's even a Large for Superheros.

Our earpiece silicon is soft to the touch and firm yet flexible. That means it forms to your ear while still keeping a snug fit that provides noise isolation so you can hear more of the music and less of everything else.

Again, all three sizes come in every Tweedz package.

Happy listening!

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