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Why is the UHQ Upscaler greyed out on my Galaxy S?

If you've reached this page, you've seen it:
You're in your Galaxy sound settings looking to get your tunes sounding just perfect on your new pair of Tweedz, and there it is. UHQ Upscaler...greyed out.
As a follow-up to our 5 Tips for getting better sound out of your Samsung Galaxy S or Note article, we got a lot of questions from our Tweedz owners on why the UHQ Upscaler option was greyed out on their Galaxy S devices (including S6, S7, S8, S9, & S10).
You've seen it, we've seen it. So, what's going on?
The answer is surprisingly simple.
Drum roll...

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That's right the UHQ Upscaler is a headphones only feature. That's it. Meaning that you need headphones plugged in to take advantage of the feature.
Obviously, the impact of UHQ will be more obvious on a solid pair of Tweedz headphones (see 7 reasons why you should consider ditching your free inbox headphones).
Now that you've got it turned on, you might be wondering:
What exactly does the UHQ Upscaler do? Great question.
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  • Hanna on

    I have a Samsung galaxy s20 and have realised I need a jack to plug my headphone into to listen to music. I have brought two and neither seem to activate they uhq upscaler, any advice on what it can be and why it doesn’t light up when I plug my headphones in?

  • Poseidon on

    I have a galaxy s8 and just came across this problem, thus why I’m on here…

    Easy fix! Go to settings, device maintenance, performance mode.
    Change it to Entertainment. Then you can select the UHQ upscaler. You can change the other settings to your fancy but the UHQ upscaler is only available on that performance mode for some reason 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Steve on

    S7 UHQ upscaler…

  • Diego V. on

    All the UHQ feature does is crank up the internal sound card, increasing the bit depth and frequency range, going from 16-bit 44.1khz to 24-bit 96khz. As with any high end audio, good audio will sound amazing and bad audio will sound even worse so i suggest that one obtain high quality audio files. I also suggest getting a decent pair of headphones with a very broad frequency range and good response in order to take advantage of the increased output. :-)

  • General Frustrate on

    These sound and quality features are not available any longer after the recent upgrade. on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge!

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