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Tweedz Braided Headphones make their way back to Canada - shipping today!

Braided Headphones in Canada

Some of our favorite musicians are from Canada...Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, Broken Social Scene, Gordon Lightfoot...the list goes on.

So it's with excitement that we're able to say we're fully back in stock in for shipping all across Canada. Check out our available inventory Tweedz Braided Headphones on And Keep On Rockin' In The Free World!

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Why is the UHQ Upscaler greyed out on my Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S7?

If you've reached this page, you've seen it:
You're in your Galaxy sound settings looking to get your tunes sounding just perfect, and there it is. UHQ Upscaler...greyed out.
As a follow-up to our 5 Tips for getting better sound out of your Samsung Galaxy S or Note article, we got a lot of questions from our visitors on why the UHQ Upscaler option was greyed out on their Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 devices.
You've seen it, we've seen it. So, what's going on?
The answer is surprisingly simple.
Drum roll...

That's right the UHQ Upscaler is a headphones only feature. That's it.
Obviously, the impact of UHQ will be more obvious on a good pair of headphones (see 7 reasons why you should consider ditching your free inbox headphones).
Now that you've got it turned on, you might be wondering:
What exactly does the UHQ Upscaler do? Great question.
Give us a like if this helped!

And if you need some headphones or a charger, get some Tweedz while you're at it!

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The ultimate headphone test: Put them in your bag. Shake it up. Pull them out. Look mom, no tangles!

fashion blog lifestyle blog tangle free headphones

We love when lifestyle bloggers show off our earbuds' durable and tangle free benefits in fun and creative new ways. Shelby's Tweedz review video over at Adventurous Shelby is a perfect example.

Isn't the worst when you pull your earphones out of your bag, and they're a tangled mess? We know the feeling. We even made an infographic about "the spontaneous knotting of an agitated string".

So Shelby's video creates the ultimate test. Put them in your handbag. Shake it up. Shake it again. Pull them out. Look mom, no tangles!



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"It happened again. Her headphones got tangled."

gifts for music lovers tangle free headphones

Listen in to Dallas' sports talk radio The Ticket 96.7fm this week for special deals on Tweedz Braided Headphones. This week only - just in time for Valentine's Day!

Tangled's an epidemicGo tangle-free. Listen to our Ticket radio spot below for a good laugh and special discounts...


The Ticket - Dallas Sports Talk Radio


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Acoustic Songs Playlist for 2016

Need some new music to go with your new Tweedz? Look no further.

Check out our latest Spotify playlist to keep you in the loop on some of our most recent favorites as we get moving into 2016. Lots of acoustic guitar on this one.

It ranges from the indie acoustic of Kurt Vile and Southern Americana of Jason Isbell to Beach Boys-ish chamber folk of Father John Misty and acoustic covers of Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Follow our playlist on Spotify to get updates as we add songs to the playlist.



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